Thomas at work

Thomas de Gier likes to be involved early in the design process so that he and the customer can discuss everything in detail and that he can work it out by using software. By focusing on the contrast between luxury and functionality, modern and classic, light and dark, rough and finished,
durable materials and gadgets, Thomas creates a unique portfolio. He believes it is important to guide the entire process so that the designer can be redirected where necessary: from the last tile to the last cushion on the sofa. The best result is thus achieved.

" Thomas had developed his own design process that works
for the designer and the customer "

The expertises of Thomas de Gier

  • Layouts floorplans 
  • Detail and elevation drawings 
  • Ambience, colour and material plans 
  • Furniture design 
  • Floor and wall plans 
  • Advice on furniture 
  • Lighting plans
  • 3D impressions/renderings 
  • Total concepts  
  • Corporate identity processed into the interior in a special way 
  • Acoustic solutions 
  • Healing environment 
  • Flex plans (flexible workplaces)  
Do you have no renovation or new construction plans but do you want to adapt your current interior with new furniture, colors and / or materials? You can contact Thomas.

How we work